1. Select your preferred webinar type:

On-demand webinars do not require attendees to have to be at their computer at a specific time and date to view the webinar. On-demand webinars provide your company with a recording of the webinar, which is promoted by and through Pipeline and can be used as a marketing asset by the sponsor company to fuel marketing and sales campaigns. 

Live Webinars are a great way to interact with your company’s global target market, but they do require all attendees to be available at the time and date of the webinar.  Live webinars can also include a recording of the webinar which can be leveraged as a marketing asset by the sponsor company and through Pipeline.

2. Select the number of webinars you plan to conduct this year:

3. Select the topics that best align with your planned webinars:

Select from a list of topics that align to Pipeline’s monthly editorial themes, or provide custom topic of your own that you would like to present to Pipeline’s global audience of communications and entertainment service providers.

4. Select the preferred dates and times for your next webinar to check availability:

First choice
Alternative date

Pipeline has a limited number of webinar slots available each month. We will do our best to confirm your first option, but availability is based on a first-come-first-serve basis and your alternative date will be used if your first is no longer available.

5. Select who you would like to receive an invitation to your webinar and related promotional materials:

Pipeline’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is an exclusive group of executive-level service provider contacts that have a direct, peer-to-peer relationship with Pipeline’s editorial and executive teamsIt’s comprised of hundreds of executives from over 100 leading service providers from around the world.

Pipeline’s Service Provider Hotlist is an exclusive group of thousands of service providers who recommend, influence and make technology decisions for service provider companies and have asked to receive information from technology solutions provider companies, like yours.

Pipeline’s Global Service Provider Marketing List is comprised of nearly 150,000 service provider contacts worldwide spanning all levels and job functions. This list can be narrowed down to your company’s specific target market, key demographics, and buyer profile.

Pipeline’s Global Readership reaches every reader of Pipeline’s editorial content, which represents virtually every major service provider in over 140 countries. In addition, Pipeline is read by key academic institutions such as Harvard, analysts, industry forums, key members of the media, and governmental agencies such as Congress, NASA, and the European Union. By selecting this option, you receive additional promotional and advertising placements with your webinar package to reach everyone who reads Pipeline.

Custom List: With the criteria you provide,Pipeline will identify contacts within our global database and create a targeted segment that matches your specifications.

6. Select your lead generation option:

Regular Lead Generation provides webinar clients with the specific contact details for all those who registered and attend your webinar and data related to their interactions, such as polling questions and Q&A sessions.

Extended Lead Generation Includes the leads from the Regular Lead Generation package but extends it to include all those who interact with the promotional materials for your webinar, typically providing hundreds of additional leads from service providers with a direct interest in your company's webinar topic and capturing lead data from those who are unable to attend the webinar.

7. Select the value-added services you’d like to receive with your webinar:

The Digital webinar recording file enables you to leverage your webinar on your company's website, through social media, and provide your sales and marketing teams to foster new sales opportunities.

Extended hosting provides you with months of additional time on Pipeline’s website, in the areas your target market goes to research topics and view information to make technology decisions, such as Pipeline's Research Center and Webinar area.

Additional advertising placements such as weekly and monthly newsletter and run-of-site ads can be added to your package to increase visibility and attendance of your webinar.

A commissioned article is written by Pipeline editors and published in a target issue of Pipeline, summarizing the key findings of the webinar. The article extends the reach of the webinar and establishes more thought leadership for your company.

In addition to Pipeline’s moderation of your webinar, service provider and analyst speaker recruitment support allows Pipeline to invite key members of its Industry Advisory Board, analyst partners, and other key industry stakeholders to present during your webinar to attract additional attendance and build valuable relationships. 

Presentation support provides you with Pipeline’s unique industry perspective and industry expertise to help prepare and shape your webinar presentation to best resonate with Pipeline’s global readership.

8. Please tell us what your desired budget range is for each webinar:

Pipeline has competitive industry pricing, price matching and flexible webinar options to fit virtually every budget. Pipeline’s team will work with you to ensure you get the webinar value you want at the price you need.

9. Please provide the information for the contact that you would like to recieve the details and pricing information:

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