Capitalize on your editorial coverage in Pipeline!

You can capitalize on the coverage your company receives in Pipeline by adding these value-added marketing services to your article to build your brand, generate leads, and establish your company's thought-leadership throughout the global target market of service providers who are looking for products like yours.

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Here are 4 great ways to capitalize on your coverage:

1. SEO Optimization Packages
Optimize and drive more traffic to your article by adding specific keywords and page code so that it is found on Page 1 of major search engines when buyers from your target market are searching for topics related to your company. SEO Optimization also includes inbound hyperlinks from relevant keywords throughout your article to your company's web pages so that you are capturing relevant interest from your article and driving them to your site.

2. Content Marketing 
Physical article reprints make great additions to your corporate collateral to distribute to customers, prospects, and at trade shows. Digital article reprints are great way to add fuel to your content, social media and digital marketing programs!

3. Lead Generation
A special, exclusive distribution of your article to Pipeline's HotList of stakeholders within companies who have asked for information from companies like yours can generate hundreds of leads to invigorate your sales and marketing programs! You can also get the qualified buyers that interact with the issue itself to generate leads from those who not only ask to receive information from companies like yours but also who have a direct interest in the issue theme.

4. Brand Building
Placing Pipeline's unique, hyper-interactive advertising with DirectConnect technology in your article enables you to capture leads and sales opportunities directly from your advertisement - in real time! Since Pipeline's articles remain online and are SEO active, your advertisement lives virtually forever and keeps working for you long after your article and the issue goes live!

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